MPI™ Maximum Premium Indexing

Secure Compound Interest is “money making money, and the money money makes, also makes money” 
– Benjamin Franklin. 

Your Path to Financial Freedom

Achieving Secure Compound Interest in your life can be one of the most simple paths to full financial freedom and the retirement you dreamed of. 


As more money begins to work for you, the Compounding Effect matures and can produce significant wealth and freedom for you with little to no effort on your part! 
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MPI™ Triple Advantage

Through the MPI™ Triple Advantage, Your Financial Plan will Receive:
  • Permanent Life Insurance To Protect Your Family Against The Unexpected
  • Tax-Free Distributions and Retirement Income
  • No Access Penalty Of Your Cash Value At Any Age, For Any Reason
  • Guaranteed Security of Your Money Against Market Risk with the 0% Floor Protection.
  • Growth Equal to the S&P 500 Index with a Cap
  • Exclusive MPI™ Match Program To Accelerate Your Compound Interest
  • Increased Cash Value in Your Nest-Egg By Up to 200%
  • Increased Retirement Income By Up to 400%

MPI™ Features & Benefits

The MPI™ formula accelerates compound growth while protecting your hard-earned money. Our methods work in unison to protect your hard-earned money while also accelerating compound growth.
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